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How did Bierة begin? 

Like hundreds of breweries the world over, Bierة started with one man, a home-brew kit and a very patient family. Our head brewer and founder Faris began brewing in 2014, researching recipes, refining his craft, and very quickly growing out of the 20-litre kit he had at home. Faris soon realised that he wanted to make classic beers and he wanted to make them right, but he no longer had the space he needed to fulfil his passion. That’s where the idea of creating Amman’s first brewpub was born and after a quick two-year bureaucracy marathon the idea became a reality.

Located on the 5th floor of a building in Swefieh in the heart of Amman, our tanks were installed, bar set up and menu of food that would pair perfectly with our beer was created. However, it wasn’t quite that straightforward! Getting our 3 metre tanks up to the 5th floor of the building where the brewery is located required a lot of creative thinking, manpower, and the removal of a few windows…

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